Starting a Podcast Made My Life Better

“Here I am, ten years old and my best friend dies of cancer. And so going back to school and trying to focus on your school work and trying to talk and connect with your friends when they’re talking about really minor things and your friend just died. It was really tough. And you go to the funeral of a child and you never forget that, because it was a life that was not completely lived. And he lived as fully as he ever could live, just 13 years, but it just seems so unfair that such a bright light…

This is a true story of moving from why me to why not me

Scott Davidson at Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area

We begin with the sad part of my story.

I am twelve years old, away from home, crying in a campsite bathroom, asking the world to pause, maybe even go eternally blank, and wanting the bullying to stop. I clearly remember thinking, why do I need to be born with some messed up looking legs? Why can’t I just look like everyone else? Why me?’

A week earlier, I was ready for nonstop outdoor adventures. When my parents dropped me off at camp, I quickly claimed…

Scott Davidson

Sharing stories that impact your soul. This is a True Story Podcast | Living Adaptive | Adventure Athlete | Vegas

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